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hey guys it's been almost a year since i posted the first one of these videos and this one is just as bad if you enjoy that synth shirt and hat and stuff i wear in this

Racine tatane - Kikalitè mo Frér ( Seggae music ) Mp3

Seggae is a music genre invented in the mid 1980s by the Mauritian Rasta singer: Kaya. Seggae is a fusion of sega, music genre from the island country,

Weird CORE Genres! Mp3

Today, we make up some new (somewhat whacky) 'core' sub genres in metal!

The Notorious B.I.G. - "Juicy" (Official Video) Mp3

"Juicy" by The Notorious B.I.G. From The Notorious B.I.G. album "Ready To Die" (1994). Download on iTunes: Listen on Spotify:

My Top 10 Favorite Sega Genesis Music Mp3

My top 10 favorite Sega game soundtracks. This list shows the best that the Genesis sound hardware can offer and demonstrates its power! Although I picked to