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Celempungan Music Genre Mp3 Songs List

Manuk Dadali with karinding and celempungan Mp3

this is a traditional musical instrumental from west java, Indonesia, the tittle is "Manuk Dadali" The instrument name is "Karinding" and "Celempungan", this

SULING Performance feat CELEMPUNGAN Mp3

Player : Suling (Sundanesse Flute) by Dhany Irfan Celempungan (Traditional Music Bamboo from West Java Indonesia) by KOKAR The province of Sunda in

Celempungan Gentra Wiwitan - Mojang Priangan Mp3

Celempungan Gentra Wiwitan is a celempungan group from Banceuy, a village in the Ciater tea-growing area of Subang, West Java. In this rendition of the

Indonesia - Sundanese music and dance - STSI Bandung 3 Mp3

Excerpt from 'Celempungan' The Soul of West Java is a performance of music and dance from Sunda (West Java) staged by the artists of Sekolah Tinggi Seni

Tonggeret, Idjah Hadidjah Mp3

Tonggeret, Idjah Hadidjah, accompanied by the Jugala musicians. The Jaipong popular style, west Java. This selection is drawn from the album of the same