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African Rumba Music Genre Mp3 Songs List

Best of Africa Music - Rumba ( Congo ) Mp3

Best of Africa MusicRumba ( Congo ) ETRvideo

African Rhumba Groove Mix 2 Mp3

Another Rhumba Mix very popular in Kenya. This mix features songs from Democratic Republic of Congo mostly. Here is the link to download:

Soukous Congo Music - Patrick Bukassa Mp3

Played and Inspired by Patrick Bukassa (Copyright). Soukous (also known as Lingala, Congo and African rumba) is a dance music[1] genre that originated in the

Coldplay - Paradise (Peponi) African Style (ft. guest artist, Alex Boye) - ThePianoGuys Mp3

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Hi Friends, Rumba is a family of percussive rhythms, song and dance that originated in Cuba as a combination of the musical traditions of Africans brought to